The implications of Brexit regarding the relationships in the intellectual property field

British Prime Minister Theresa May declared that the Brexit negotiation process will begin by trigering article 50 which means that in 2019 the UK will leave the EU. She has also announced a bill that will incorporate EU legislation into British law which is reassuring for IP owners and IP Law firms but it does not cover the subject of what will happen to existing or new trademark applications after the Brexit. Duncan Ribbons, partner at Redd Solicitors, states that although a good idea, encapsulating EU legislation into British law... Read more

Romania signs the new treaty on intellectual property in Geneva

On 21 May 2015 Romania signed, through the Permanent Representative in Geneva, "the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on Appelations of Origin and Geographical Indications", a new treaty on intellectual property that guarantees protection to products that are commercialized internationally and that are famous for their qualities, specific to the geographic area of ​​origin. The new instrument responds to the need to modernize and improve the quality of services offered to beneficiaries of the protection of geographical indications and will improve the promotion of products protected by geographical indications... Read more