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(Română) Manualul Consilierului în Proprietate Industrială

(Română) Manualul Consilierului în Proprietate Industrială

The Intellectual Property Attorney’s Manual, 3rd edition

At the beginnings, now about 150 years, the IP- intellectual property –  attorney had as business object the support of technical inventors. Then the share of industrial property objects protection increased, as they have been defined by the Paris Convention as patents, trademarks and service marks, industrial designs, trade names and unfair competition, respectively. As a result he had technical and legal education


Prof. Univ. Dr. Ing.
Constantin ȚURCANU
Dr. Ing. Ghe.BUCȘĂ
Dr. Arh. Ing.
Costin Radu ȚURCANU
Ing. Petre OHAN

Publishing House:

MATRIX ROM, Bucharest 2022


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