The Intellectual Property Agency INVENTA is a private company specialized in the industrial property field which provides representation by proxy and also consultancy services to both natural and legal entities, in order to obtain and protect the registration of patents, trademarks, designs, industrial models, utility models, varieties of plants, integrated circuit topographies, and various other services in the intellectual property field, in Romania and abroad.

Our team is renowned for its ability to identify and resolve the whole area of legal issues which may appear in connection to trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs.

Our consultants also offer excellent services in the marketing and industrial property fields, including patent and trademark searches, litigation, custom interventions, intellectual property rights defense, precautionary measures.

Our agency’s Objective, Vision and Promise.

Our expertise in the intellectual property field, acquired in the 25 years of activity, comes to support the Romanian and abroad companies, ensuring their prosperity and future success.

In an ever-changing economic climate, the customers are more than ever in need of a stable, reliable, but at the same time a creative and flexible partner in the IP field. We are here to support your business by blooming your ideas and to lead you to new business opportunities and long-term partnerships.

We will always be number 1 in the IP field in Romania, by associating our thorough knowledge of legislation with a flair and an unique understanding of the business climate of our country. 

For us, every client is important and gets our full attention. We struggle for our clients, until achieving the results that we have set up together. You will find in us the best and most reliable partner. We are your experts when it comes to intellectual property.

A short history of the INVENTA Agency

At the beginning of the ‘90’s, prof. Constantin Turcanu has founded the INVENTA Agency, the first private Romanian company acting in the intellectual property field; its stated purpose was to promote the industrial property as a basis of the modern capitalism principles.

Ever since its establishment, along providing consultancy services for the owners of trademark, patents, designs and industrial models, the INVENTA Agency has efficiently and systematically assured the tuition of the first generations of Romanian industrial property counselors.

The first industrial property training in Romania

At the beginning of its activity in the protection of the industrial property rights in Romania, the INVENTA Agency has organized several training for counselor, between the years 1991 and 1997, preparing a total number of 52 series of students, the majority of which became intellectual property counselors shortly after, activating in all regions of the country.

Between 1990 and 2000, the training organized by the INVENTA Agency was the only study method in industrial property field.

The representation of owners of trademarks, patents, designs and industrial models

Probably the most important activity of any intellectual property counsel is to represent the owners of intellectual property rights before the authorized institutions worldwide, as well as to resolve any commercial or juridical problems or litigation that might appear.

To this effect, the INVENTA Agency has formed an elite staff, with only the best counsels who have graduated the Agency’s classes. With their aid, as well as the aid of its juridical assistants, the INVENTA Agency has successfully represented in Romania and abroad the interests of all clients, being Romanian or foreign natural persons, medium companies or corporations, since 1990 to this day.