We regularly interact with our clients as part of our regular relationship.

 It is important for INVENTA PATENT AND TRADEMARK AGENCY to guarantee that these relations will continue to take place in accordance with the new regulations: GDPR, UE Regulation nr 679/ 2016

 You will find below information on our policy in this area.

As part of its regular activities, INVENTA PATENT AND TRADEMARK AGENCY does not intend to collect and process personal data, our services being mainly carried out for the benefit of legal persons.

We have, however, put in place all the procedures and technical means necessary to process personal data that we may incidentally collect in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

INVENTA PATENT AND TRADEMARK AGENCY implements the principles such as to ensure compliance with the obligations relating to personal data:

–  The nature of personal data that we can collect

Personal data are data that may be necessary to communicate with our clients, suppliers or other contacts (title, surname, first name, function, e-mail, phon).

We collect certain personal data in the context of the business relations that you have with INVENTA PATENT AND TRADEMARK AGENCY and that may be necessary for the performance of the acts you entrust to us (postal address, bank account, date of hire, civil status data).

It may also be data that you voluntarily provide us, for example necessary to communicate with us by e-mail or via other channels, to subscribe to newsletters or for events that we organize.

–  How do we use your personal data?

INVENTA PATENT AND TRADEMARK AGENCY uses personal data in the context of the commercial relationship with our clients and suppliers, to load information in our databases in which the files that you entrust us are managed.

We do not sell nor make your personal data available to third parties. Only the data required by the applicable regulations and strictly necessary to achieve the acts that you entrust to us can be transmitted to our foreign counterparts intervening in the procedures for which these counterparts are your agents and / or to the intellectual property offices with which we act on your behalf.

Depending on the legal basis of the data processing , your personal data are kept for the duration of our commercial relationship, the applicable regulations or the possible exercise of the right of erasure.

In any case, data deleted from our processing databases are then stored as evidence in secure archives for the applicable legal limitation periods.

–  The legal basis for processing your personal data

In the context of our commercial relationship, the legal basis of the processing lies in the contract and / or mandate that binds us to our clients and suppliers.

The legal basis for the processing of data collected in relation to acts performed before the intellectual property offices is the legal requirement for the performance of those acts for which our clients have given us instructions.

The legal basis for the processing of data collected from other contacts lies in our legitimate interests in soliciting business relations and in communicating on our activities to persons who have voluntarily provided us with the information necessary for these requests or appearing as appointed contact person of the legal entity that INVENTA PATENT AND TRADEMARK AGENCY wishes to contact.

–  Measures to ensure the security of your personal data

We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection and integrity of your personal data. These technical and organizational measures are regularly updated.

–  Your rights

During the period keeps your personal data, you have the right to require INVENTA PATENT AND TRADEMARK AGENCY to have access to these data, to rectify them, to require these to be erased, to object to the processing of this data or to limit it, to receive the said personal data in a structured format for transmission to another data controller (data portability).

These rights can be exercised by contacting the controller at the following address:


INVENTA PATENT AND TRADEMARK AGENCY – 7, Corneliu Coposu Blvd,  bl. 104, 2nd entry, apt.31, 3rd District P.O. Box 20-16,  Bucharest, ROMANIA, +40 21 320 02 85.

–  Supervisory authority

In accordance with applicable law, your possible complaints may be filed with the Romanian supervisory authority:


28-30 G-ral Gheorghe Magheru Bld.

District 1, post code 010336

Bucharest, Romania