Why choose an IP agency for registering your trademark in Romania

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In the trademark registration procedure at the Romanian Patent and Trademark Office (OSIM),  it is recommended that the applicant consults with an authorized industrial property counsel which, based on the current or future activity of the applicant, will choose the proper classes of products and services in which to file the trademark application.

In addition, the counsel will inform the applicant of the chances of success for obtaining the protection from the perspective of the absolute rejection reasons, and will make him aware of the relative rejection reasons (the identical or similar previously registered trademarks, as their owners would be entitled to file an opposition) based on a preliminary research performed by request.

The registration of a trademark can be requested individually or collectively by any person, directly or through a representative, in the conditions stipulated by the current laws and regulations in the field.

It is mandatory that the applicant contracts a representative if he does not have the home address, residence or an industrial or commercial unit functional in the territory of the European Union or in the European Economical Area, with the exception of the trademark registration procedure.

The representative is obliged to file a Power or Attorney in the first three months from the date that the trademark application was filed at OSIM.

For all the requests for the registration of a new trademark application, the specialists from the INVENTA Agency will calculate the similarity and distinctness indexes, according to INVENTA’s methodology, in order to prevent and avoid the current and future risks associated.