The property rights upon a trademark and the related issues (exploitation, negotiation, transaction and litigation) may often need expert counseling and representation. Therefore, the INVENTA specialist counselors in trademarks provide you all the required support in solving any difficulty in the field.

  • Trademark Registration in Romania
  • Trademark Renewal 
  • Reply to the provisional refusal issued by the RO PTO
  • Trademark Oppositions
  • Loss of Trademark Rights 
  • Transfer of Trademark rights 
  • Trademark Litigation
  • Trademark Appeals
  • Custom Clearance for Trademarks


INVENTA has a solid background in the field of the protection of inventions, providing counseling in the acquirement, exploitation and transaction of the rights upon a patent. Our counselors are here to help you and provide you with information regarding:

  • The Patenting Procedure in Romania
  • Types of Patents and their Length
  • Validation of Patents in Romania
  • Patenting Abroad
  • Patent Rights
  • Patent Rights Defense
  • Legal taxes for Patents in Romania
  • Romanian Legislation on Patents
  • Useful documents related to Patents


In the process regarding the acquiring of rights for the design and their exploitation and commercializing, the INVENTA experts in industrial design provide you the necessary support in accomplishing the specific procedures, such as:

  • Designs Application Form in Romania
  • Publication of the Design Application
  • Design Oppositions
  • Examination of the Design Application
  • Reply to a Provisional Refusal issued by the RO PTO
  • Design Appeals
  • Issuance of the Registration Certificate for Designs
  • Transfer of Design Rights
  • Loss of Design Rights
  • Litigation and Counterfeit
  • Customs Clearance for Designs