What is a Patent?

The patent registration is a title that settles the owner’s exclusive right to exploit the invention for the entire registration period, on the territory of the state(s) in which the patent has been granted.

A patent can be granted for any invention of a technical nature that refers to a product or process, in all technical fields, on the conditions that the invention is new, it involves an inventive step and is industrially applicable. A skilled practitioner in the relevant field of technology must be able to apply the invention solely based on the description of the invention.

The term of ‘product’ is generic and includes: machines, apparatus, tools, devices,  mechanisms, machine parts, units, installations, circuits, construction elements, furniture, household articles, toys, instruments, etc; chemical and biological substances, except for those that exist in nature and on which man has not acted by creative effort; physical or physicochemical mixtures; microorganism created or isolated by selection, products obtained by microbiological processes; products, substances or compositions for use in any method of analyzes, control, diagnosis, etc.

The non-patentable inventions are described on the “Types of Inventions” page.

How much does a Patent cost?

Our FEES depend on the particulars of each case. Kindly ask you to send your inquiries at inventii@inventa.ro, in order to get our best offer.

For information regarding RO-PTO’s official costs for the patent applications, please access the“Legal Costs” page.

How long does the protection of the Patent last?

The protection period of a granted patent is 20 (twenty years), starting with the date of filing.

After the expiry of the twenty years, or in case the owner’s rights are revoked by failure to pay the annuity fees or by renunciation of the patent’s rights, or by the annulment of the patent, the invention becomes public.

Why choose INVENTA to Validate your Patent in Romania?

As REPRESENTATIVES in Romania, we offer our clients the following services:

  • Classification of the invention, a step necessary in order to perform a brief patent.

  • Search for understanding the state of the art and writing the description and the claims, to offer the maximum safety for obtaining the granting of the patent application;

  • Filing of the patent application according to the legal regulations; 

  • Consultation during the entire patent registration procedure; preparing the replies to any objections raised by the examiner concerning the novelty an/or activity field of the invention, in order to sustain the patentability of the invention;

  • Protection of the client’s interests in case any revocation applications are filed by third parties and representing the applicant’s interests before Reexamination Board of Romanian Patent and Trademarks Office;

  • Preparing and filing the documents required for the recording of any changes occurred in the legal status of the patent applications/ registration (changes of the owner’s name, address, recording of assignments, licenses);

  • Preparing and filing the application for validation of European Patents in Romania preparing and filing the SPC application in Romania 

  • Monitoring and payments of Patent Annuities in Romania.

  • Consultancy in order to ensure the international registration of inventions.


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