What is an industrial design?

Industrial designs represent the exterior aspect of a product or a part of the product, shown in 2D or 3D, resulting from the mix of the main characteristics thereof, especially lines, shapes, colors, forms, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation.

The registration of a design gives its owner an exclusive right and it allows him to forbid any third party from making the following acts without his explicit consent: the reproduction, fabrication, sale or offering for sale, usage, import, storage for selling purposes concerning the industrial design or the product which incorporates it.

The designs can be applied to or incorporated into many products, such as: food products, clothing, jewelries, watches, measurement and control appliances, ornamental objects, toys, household goods, furniture, cosmetics, packaging, sales and marketing equipment, office articles, musical instruments, telecommunication and information processing apparatus, vehicles, medical and pharmaceutical materials and appliances, constructions and elements of constructions.

In order to be allowed for registration, the industrial designs must be possible to reproduce by using industrial or craft procedures, otherwise, there would be an “art works” which are protected by the copyright laws.

It’s important to mention the fact that the registration of industrial designs only covers the exterior appearance of the products, without being related to its technical aspects.

How much does the registration of an industrial design cost in Romania?

Given the complexity of identifying and presenting the novelty elements of each image, which is mandatory when describing each image, INVENTA’s fees for preparing and filing a design registration application depend on the particulars of each case. Kindly ask you to send your enquiries at design@inventa.ro, in order to get our best offer.

 The RO-PTO’s official costs for the design applications are detailed below

Depending on the number of images contained by a design application and its specifications, the official costs are as follows:

1. Filing the design application:

-for the first design: EUR 30.
-for each additional design: EUR 10.

2. Publication of the design application:

-for each standard image, in black-and-white: EUR 20.
-for each standard image, in color: EUR 100.
-for the description of the characteristic elements: EUR 10.

3. Examination of the design application:

-for the first design: EUR 50.
-for each additional design EUR 10.

4. Issuance of the registration certificate and maintenance into force for the first 10 (ten) years:

-for 1-20 designs: EUR 220.
-for 12-50 designs: EUR 280.
-for 51-100 designs: EUR 350.

How long does the protection for a design last?

The initial validity period for a registered design is 10 (ten) years starting with the deposit date,extendable up to 3 (three) further periods of 5 (five) years each. Thus, the total protection periodgranted for one registered industrial design is 25 (twenty five) years.

Please note that:

All our client’s designs are introduced in our database, in order to monitor the expiry deadline and to inform the owner regarding the renewal procedure.


Why choose INVENTA to register your industrial design in Romania?

As REPRESENTATIVES in the design registration procedure, we offer our clients, beside the usual services:

  • Free assistance for choosing the best form in which to present and file the design, including the recommended number of images for ensuring a correct and complete presentation of the graphic;

  • Prompt assistance in all correspondence carried before filing the design application, during the whole registration procedure, but also during the entire protection period;

  • Constant and free monitoring of the registration procedure, as we inform our clients of the current steps of the registration procedure of their design;

  • Full assistance regarding the protection of the clients’ interests in any conflict situation, including any oppositions or appeals filed by third parties.

Our team of experts are here to offer you the required assistance regarding all the INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS procedures, such as: