What is a TRADEMARK and why do we have to REGISTER IT ?

A TRADEMARK is a distinctive sign, with or without a graphic representation (device) which serves to distinguish the products of one person or entity of those of an other person or entity. The trademark does not define the content or construction of the product or service, but it is intended to distinguish between different products or services and also to indicate the origin or the producer.

The registration of a trademark gives its owner an exclusive right over the name and/or graphic representation of the trademark for the protected products and/or services, as well as the right to forbid any third parties to use the trademark without his explicit consent.

Depending on its elements, the individual trademarks are of different types:

  •  WORD MARKS (formed exclusively of letters and/or numbers, without a special graphics and with no logo or device);

  • COMBINED MARKS,  BLACK and WHITE or COLOR (formed of letters and/or numbers, but also of a special graphics or with an added logo or device – black-and-white or color);

  • GRAPHIC MARKS,  BLACK and WHITE or COLOR (formed exclusively of graphic elements – devices or logo – black-and-white or color, without any letters or numbers);

  • THREE-DIMENSIONAL MARKS (formed exclusively of images or devices representing the shape or package of the product, in 3D).


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The  RO-PTO’s official costs for trademarks are detailed below:

Depending on the trademark type and the number of classes of products and/or services for which the protection is requested, the official costs are as follows:

1. Filing the trademark application: EUR 10.

2. Publication of a trademark application:
– for a word mark or a black-and-white device mark: EUR 30.
– for a color device mark: EUR 100.

3. Examination of the trademark application:
– for one class of products and/or services and for one word mark: EUR 110.
– for one class of products and/or services and for one mark containing a black-and-white device: EUR 140.
– for one class of products and/or services and for one mark containing a color device: EUR 220.
*for each additional class, regardless of the trademark type: EUR 50.

4. Issuance of the trademark registration certificate, regardless of the trademark type or the number of classes: EUR 50.

HOW LONG  does the protection of the TRADEMARK LAST ?

The protection period for a registered trademark is of  10 (ten) years starting with the deposit date, which can be renewed for further periods of 10 (ten) years, with no limit regarding the total number of renewals allowed.

The registration procedure usually takes around 8 (eight) months from filing the trademark application up to the issuance of the registration decision and the registration certificate, if no objections are raised by OSIM (notifications of provisional refusal) or by third parties (oppositions or appeals).

The applicant benefits of a provisional protection starting with the filing time, protection that becomes final once the official registration decision and the certificate of registration are issued.

Please note that:
All our client’s trademarks are introduced in our database, in order to monitor the expiry deadline and to inform the owner regarding the renewal procedure.


Why choose INVENTA to register your trademark in Romania?

As REPRESENTATIVES in the trademark registration procedure, we offer our clients, beside the usual services:

  • FREE ASSISTANCE for choosing the best form in which to present and file the trademark, with presenting the advantages and disadvantages of the different trademark types;

  • Prompt ASSISTANCE in all correspondence carried before filing the trademark application, during the whole registration procedure, but also during the entire protection period;

  • FREE CLASSIFICATION of the list of products and/or services for which we recommend registering the trademark in matter, according to the applicant’s commercial activities;

  • CONSTANT AND FREE MONITORING of the registration procedure, as we inform our clients of the current steps of the registration procedure of their trademark;

  • Full assistance regarding the PROTECTION OF OUR CLIENTS’ INTEREST  in any conflict situation, including any oppositions or appeals filed by third parties.


Our experts are here to offer you the required assistance regarding all the TRADEMARK procedures, such as: