The application for registration of a mark shall be filed in a certain form, the form is prescribed in Romanian language; an application for registration of a mark shall contain the reproduction of the mark and a list of the goods or services for which registration is requested; indicated denominations of the goods or services are requested.

Required data for the application form:

  Full details of the applicant(s), including full name, address and nationality;

  The name of the trademark; the design when the trademark is a word with figurative elements;

  A description of the goods and services to be covered by the applicant, if possible with indication of international classes;

  The date, country of filing, and application or registration number of any basic foreign application from which priority is claimed.

When the applicant is a foreign person, there shall be indicated the state of which he is a National, the state where he has residence or the state wherein he has an establishment within meaning of art.3 from Paris Convention; when the applicant is a legal entity, form of constituting the same, as well as the denomination of the state whose legislation governs statute thereof.

If the priority of an earlier application is claimed, a declaration of claiming the priority shall be included in the request, together with the indication of the state and the date of earlier filing.

The certificate of the mark registration will be granted after one year.

The registration of a mark shall confer to its owner an exclusive right in that mark.

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